What we have done

We have been donating and helping the community since day one.  Below are some of the places we have helped out, not only giving money but shirts and stickers to schools and sports teams all around the country.  If you have a charity or organization that wants to join us in support, please contact us.

LCC K9 Support Dogs

We had the pleasure of meeting up with an awesome group.  They have come to Parkland to help the students and teachers cope with the tragic events that occurred on February 14th. It was our hope and dream that with the sale of our shirts and other items we would be able to give back to those giving to others. Well these dogs and their handlers have given 110%. They come willingly from states all around paying their own expenses, hotels, gas, food, etc. they never ask for any money from any of the places they visit. Only that you are loved and comforted by their dogs. These people are selfless and exhausted! We have the utmost respect and love for them all. It was our great please to be able to give back to them. The money donated goes 100% right back into the hands of the handlers to help cover their costs for the trip here. Thank you Comfort Dogs! Thank you South Florida!!  You can also donate to help them continue to make a difference!


This shirt was created in coordination with our friend and Parkland local realtor, Lily. She started this with ParklandStrong hashtag and has distributed over 300 shirts to the local community.

Coral Springs Charter School

CSCS asked us to make a shirt.  We have made over 200 of these shirts.  All proceeds on our side are going to CSCS for them to disperse to the charity of their choice.  It can also be ordered on our website here.

John's Creek High - John's Creek, Georgia

John’s Creek wanted to show support so we sent them stickers for their helmets. We will send out stickers for any team that wants to show support at no charge.